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The first car that propel by itself might have been accidentally invented by a Flemish missionary named Ferdinand Verviest in about 1672 in China. Verviest said in his journal, that the thing of what sort to be a resemblance of a vehicle propelled with steam was intended to be a toy for the emperor of China, Kangxi.  Although many engineers and inventors discredited the invention due to lack of intent and most especially the fact that there were no accounts that Verviest actually created the thing or just a sketch of his imagination just like Leonardo da Vinci’s vehicle design, but still the fact that he first conceptualized of what to be the first scaled model of a vehicle, all credits and honor to him.

Vehicles were invented as utility terrain vehicles utv to aid or transport one to three passengers or light loads to remote areas that have no access to railroads.  The first accounted self propelled vehicle powered by a steam engine was built by a French inventor Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot on 1769. Although many engineers and inventors racing to build the first automobile, but the first high speed engine and four wheeled vehicle was invented by a German engineer, industrial designer, and industrialist Gottlieb Daimler. Though Gottlieb first invented the first combustion engine in 1885, but Karl Friedrich Benz a German engine designer and car engineer legally considered as the inventor of the internal combustion engines and the gasoline powered vehicles for he was the first granted a patent for such inventions in 1886.

Vehicles have gone a long run, from carrying few passengers and light loads, now it has evolve from simple to extreme, from steam engine to a thousand horsepower formula one race car engines.  From water (steam) to high octane gasoline.  From utility terrain vehicle or utv of World War II transporting guns and ammunition from war field to war field to the most extreme side by side atv motoring sports.  From few kilometers travel to rally raid also known as cross country rallying.  From simple flat track to 269 feet rally car jump of Travis Pastrana.

What would come next. . . . . .   Maybe . . . . . .


Safety or Price?

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One of the biggest potentials in glazing automotive industries is the use of polycarbonate replacing the basic glass windshields down to mug wheels. Polycarbonate plastics are quite tough and versatile with huge areas of application.

Polycarbonate or Polyethylene products is a very clear polymer with exceptionally high resistance to collision and shatter-proof thus when used in cars giving you extra safety when event arises. Due to its light weight characteristics compared to glass and other materials it can improved your car’s acceleration. Also redefined and lower your car’s centre of gravity thus giving you much better handling capability.

Because of its versatile characteristics it can be easily shaped, giving you broader designs and in mass production without giving the manufacturer’s problem on cracking or splitting. The forming of the polycarbonate is quite similar to ordinary plastic making where polycarbonate resins are heated in the injection moulding injected to a preformed mould or clamp, cold and then the finished product.

One of the problems facing the growth of polycarbonate in automotive industries is the poor resistance to scratch, but polycarbonate manufacturers have overcome this issue by making it multilayered. In this sense, costing in manufacturing also layered up. But who would exchange safety for the price?

One of the breakthroughs in polycarbonate industry is combining it with alloying materials thus producing this magnificent and must have piece of art as shown in the picture. Polycarbonate alloyed wheels….. Coz looks always does matter…….

Chevy Silverado – Complete Brake Job

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Chevy Silverado is one of the top ranks with regards to practicality and livability. Although it’s competitor is more inventive in its interior designed and feature, the Chevrolet Silverado continue to amaze and impress reviewers because they still offer exceptional engine choices and features galore.

While the Silverado hangs on as a class leader, driver of this full size pick-up truck needs to know the complete brake job, since this type of truck are usually used on heavy duty tasks such as a need to move stuff. It is designed that way and it is a great choice for hauling things.


Below are some important tips of Complete Brake Job:

Replace Brake Pads

  1. Brake Inspection – Good brakes are vital for safe driving.
  2. Feel the Pedal – The pedal needs to be firm.
  3. Apply the Parking Brake – The pedal must work smoothly. Failure to release fully means the linkage or cables need attention.
  4. Check the Fluid Levels and its Appearance – A low level may be a sign of a leak or worn linings. Discoloration indicates moisture contamination and the need for a change of fluid.
  5. Remove a Front Wheel and Measure the Thickness of the Brake Pads – If worn down to minimum specifications or if wear indicators are making contact with the rotor, new linings are needed.

Rotor Checks

  1. Note the Condition of the Calipers and Caliper Mounts
  2. Pull a drum and inspect the drum surface, brake shoes, hardware and wheel cylinder
  3. Check everywhere for Leaks

Minimizing Break Noise

Possible Causes of Noise:

  • Loose or worn pads
  • Glazed pads
  • Loose or worn calipers
  • Missing anti-rattle springs
  • Rotor finish too rough
  • Hard spots

Brake Rotor Resurfacing

  • Regardless of the type of rotor resurfacing equipment used, always remove the least amount of metal necessary to restore the rotor surface.

Replacing Brake Hardware

  • Be sure to lubricate the shoe support pads on the drum backing plates with brake oil (never ordinary chassis grease). Also, lubricate the parking brake mechanism.

Bleed the Breaks

  • This is essential for this reasons:
  1. To remove air bubbles that may have entered the system while repairs were being made because of a leak or a brake fluid level that got too low.
  2. To remove moisture contamination.

Finishing the Brake Job

  • Do a short test drive at slow speed to confirm the brakes are working properly. The pedal should feel firm, the brakes should apply without pulling or grabbing, and you should hear no noise.

If you can do this by yourself, much better but if you prefer to pay for a service. You may visit Auto Repair Shop. There are lots of repair shops located in different States. Like Chicago, San Francisco, or pay a visit in Dallas auto repair shop.

Toyota Camry – Top Choice for Those Seeking Family Car

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When choosing a family vehicle, the two criteria have consistently top the chart: Comfortable and Dependable. Specially, for young mothers, they usually look for a roomy, comfortable automobile that would take their love ones anywhere they would like to go. Toyota Camry is a perfect choice and it’s a reliable source of transportation. It already has a strong reputation being a family car in spite of a few recent blips. A car designed particularly at the U.S. market. It is highly popular as a midsize family sedan, because of its high build quality, comfy ride and extraordinary durability.

Its features give assurance of low maintenance, and if you travel across U.S. states, you may need not worry if it would need some auto repair. Various states offer automotive repairs, troubleshooting, etc. Try Georgetown, Kentucky, or Chicago auto repair. These shops offer high quality service that your car needs. New drivers often panic when the check engine light comes on, especially if they already driven a few miles. Like what happen to my friend a few years back, he ignored the warning light, and called for help later than necessary, which in return hurt his car, and definitely hurt his wallet as well. If this incident occurs, the steps below might be of help:

  • Look for a serious problem that requires urgent attention – These situations mean you should pull over and shut off the engine.
  • Try tightening your gas cap – This often solves the problem.
  • Decrease speed and load – Stop your car and contact a tow truck. Have your car checked as soon as possible to prevent expensive damage.
  • Have the code read and the problem fixed – Buy a scan tool and diagnose the malfunction yourself. There are available in the most auto parts at a very affordable price.

Now, if you decide to buy a new one and toss the old one, throw it here and I’m ready to catch it.

Save a CAR, Save LIFE!

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Saving your car, may save your life as well.  Caring for vehicle is like taking care of a baby, it needs proper handling and it certainly needs to be pampered.  If human need foods, car also needs gasoline for sustenance. If human needs life insurance, then car definitely need insurance.  It’s a protection against property damages and life damages as well.  We can find the best car insurance quotes for cheap rates, there are plenty companies that operate online.

It’s quite expensive, or is it?  There are ways to save on your car insurance.  It’s not really necessary to buy expensive insurance for your car.

Tips on Saving Car Insurance:

  1. Shop for good, cheaper car insurance rates – choose for insurer that offer lower rates and gave wide coverage.
  2. Review insurance policy – re-evaluate your insurance policy for possible savings.
  3. Avail promos and discounts – Take advantage on special deals to cut insurance cost.
  4. Keep your driver’s record clean – you may qualify for lower rates if you have a very clean record in driving.
  5. Drive a “low profile” car and equipped it with safety features that might help diminish risks.

These five tips play a big role in cutting your insurance costs, just make sure to choose your insurer wisely to achieve and save.

Midsize Car in San France Hills

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San Francisco is known for its various hills and because of this, vehicles needs to be serviced often than most countries. These hills are quite a sight, but you’re vehicles brakes might be in jeopardy if you are not careful enough. If you can hear squealing and loud noises, if you can feel the vibration when braking, these are the symptoms of worn brakes. Since the vehicles in this area are prone to these unlikely occurrence, San Francisco auto repair is normally visible for easy access. Frequent vehicle check-up is a necessity to prevent road accidents that may cause death and property damages.

While we enjoy San Francisco’s hills and road side scenery, riding in Honda’s midsize car, the honda accord. We should replace our timing belt every 50-70,000 miles to avoid being stranded in a strange area. Honda Accord has evolved dramatically from its first appearance in the US. It was introduce as a compact car in 1976 and has been modified to become luxurious and larger than the original size. It moved into midsize category in 1998 and it’s styling also improved as well as its size.

Sports car unlimited! 2009 Ferrari F70

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Cars!  What about cars?  Cars are men’s super expensive toys.  Fords, Mercedes, Hondas, are just examples of those giant speedy toys that men and women go crazy about.  It’s the leading cause why people around the world go wild whenever the oil price hikes to the top.

I mean, what’s the big deal about cars?  Aside from being used as transportation to wherever you might go, some of those rich and famous, use cars as their way of telling the world that they are in to the latest fashion of the world.  It’s not only the outfits that stars compete upon.  Now, this car thing?  These are the real fashion that most men who were into this mechanically-electronically programmed automobile that sets our hair on fire, craved the most.  Especially if it’s speeding through the interstates.  A good way to tease the law enforcers of the street.

Nothing could defeat a high powered car such as a Ferrari in conquering the road.  The 2009 Ferrari F70 was the new super car that Ferrari will launch this year.   Generally, Ferrari cars are counted as one of the most high-powered car in the world of racing.  A natural born racing cars, that’s the Ferrari!

As a racing car, the so called car-technologies of the F70 pooled a car with the design and power of an F1 car and at the same time a normal car that is design for the road.  These f70 is powered with 100 hp approximately and its two exhaust pipes will be mounted on the top of the back end, while the other two is down with the diffuser.

Like the other racing cars, the F70’s front design will be a combination of the modern devices of an F1 car and the traditional touches of the old super cars.  It will feature the magnesium sports wheels that will be a more convenient device in cooling the engine such as a carbon grille put in the back. Its brakes will have a bigger disc, and the interior is absolutely deep sports seas.  And, lastly, the tires are pirelli P-Zero which give the car an enormous grip.

Such a luxurious car to drive, but do you think it’s too fancy?  I mean, just look at its features, and you will see hundred of dollars in exchange to that.  A load of money will be totally out of your grip with just the tires alone.  Well one great toy and one, expensive enough to feed a hundred of people around.