The first car that propel by itself might have been accidentally invented by a Flemish missionary named Ferdinand Verviest in about 1672 in China. Verviest said in his journal, that the thing of what sort to be a resemblance of a vehicle propelled with steam was intended to be a toy for the emperor of China, Kangxi.  Although many engineers and inventors discredited the invention due to lack of intent and most especially the fact that there were no accounts that Verviest actually created the thing or just a sketch of his imagination just like Leonardo da Vinci’s vehicle design, but still the fact that he first conceptualized of what to be the first scaled model of a vehicle, all credits and honor to him.

Vehicles were invented as utility terrain vehicles utv to aid or transport one to three passengers or light loads to remote areas that have no access to railroads.  The first accounted self propelled vehicle powered by a steam engine was built by a French inventor Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot on 1769. Although many engineers and inventors racing to build the first automobile, but the first high speed engine and four wheeled vehicle was invented by a German engineer, industrial designer, and industrialist Gottlieb Daimler. Though Gottlieb first invented the first combustion engine in 1885, but Karl Friedrich Benz a German engine designer and car engineer legally considered as the inventor of the internal combustion engines and the gasoline powered vehicles for he was the first granted a patent for such inventions in 1886.

Vehicles have gone a long run, from carrying few passengers and light loads, now it has evolve from simple to extreme, from steam engine to a thousand horsepower formula one race car engines.  From water (steam) to high octane gasoline.  From utility terrain vehicle or utv of World War II transporting guns and ammunition from war field to war field to the most extreme side by side atv motoring sports.  From few kilometers travel to rally raid also known as cross country rallying.  From simple flat track to 269 feet rally car jump of Travis Pastrana.

What would come next. . . . . .   Maybe . . . . . .


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